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What is it?

The Teisht Chadjin (General Certificate) is a GCSE equivalent qualification that aims to give students a fundamental knowledge and understanding of Manx vocabulary and grammar. The course builds on successive years of learning particular words and structures in Manx, covering eight units pertaining to the individual, the family, pets, hobbies, the classroom, free time, daily activities, the week, birthdays, the future, good health, worries, the weather, and places in the world.

Who can take the Teisht Cadjin?

The Teisht Chadjin (General Certificate) is offered to pupils in secondary school, usually - but not exclusively - between years 7-9.

Why take the Teisht Cadjin?

The TCG offers an initial step into the formal study of Manx as a contemporary language.

The benefits of learning a second language have been well documented, and the TCG is a good way to begin acquiring the strategies needed to learn any language. Since the course focusses on the national language of the Isle of Man its content is relevant to island life with numerous opportunities available to students for immersion.

Due to smaller class sizes and the course's emphasis on language learning strategies and grammatical comprehension, students taking the TCG typically find that their language skills also improve in other modern language subjects such as English, French, and German.

Are there resources available online to help with studying the Ard Teisht?

Resources relevant to those studying for a General Certificate in Manx are available from these pages.

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We offer a total of four broad courses in Manx, starting from Key Stage 2 through to an Advanced (A Level equivalent) Certificate. Each course has its own specification and means of assessment. Teisht Vunneydagh (Key Stage 2) Teisht Undinagh (Foundation…

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There are two tiers of entry for Manx: Higher and Foundation. Higher Tier Students studying the Higher Tier can attain a grade between A* - D (we do provide an allowed grade E as a safety net for Higher Tier candidates just falling short of a Grade D). Foundation Tier Students studying the Foundati…

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What's involved? There are two examinations in the TCG: reading and listening. They are each worth ?% of the final mark award. The listening paper lasts ? minutes. Students are required to make choices from available possibilities, fill in blanks, and provide answers in English. The reading paper l…

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Do I need any prior attainment to do this course? There is no prior attainment that is required before students begin our TCG Manx course; however, the specification is designed to promote continuity, coherence and progression within the study of the language. The specification builds on the knowle…

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