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A few online games for practicing the basics. All games are original creations of Yn Skimmee Gaelgagh.


A Manx version of a popular online word game. You get six tries at finding a five letter word. There's a new word to find every day.

Play here.

Focklan Word Game

Complete Learning Platform

Our bespoke learning platform includes a stepped course of games to accompany our Manx lessons. The games allow for simple reading and writing practice.

We've developed games for Level 1 so far, with more to follow.

Learning Platform Level 1 Home Screen

"Cre Shoh?" Series

The "Cre Shoh?" series is a collection of simple point and click games that encourage recognition of key vocabulary.

Ennaghtyn (Feelings)

Earrooyn dys 10 (Numbers to 10)

Buill (Places)

Bee (Food)

Laaghyn (Days)

Emshyr (Weather)

Roortyssyn (Activites)

Bigginyn (Pets)

Earrooyn dys 20 (Numbers to 20)

Daahyn (Colours)

Other Games

Cre shoh? (What's this? - older version for nouns)

Earrooyn (Number Grid Game, 1-100)

Daaghyn (Balloon Game for Colours)


Practice your conversational skills with one of our chatbots. (See below for example answers.)

Kied whail (First meeting)

Cre shoh? (What's this?)

Chatbot Example Answers

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Bilingual Playground Pack

A number of Manx language playground games with a pronunciation guide put together by Jo Callister and Bunscoill Ghaelgagh via Jeebin.

Click here to download the full pack..