Yn Skimmee Gaelgagh

The Manx Language Service

Yn Skimmee Gaelgagh (The Manx Language Service) provides Manx Gaelic lessons to all of the Isle of Man's schools.

Why learn Manx at school?

Evidence from the scientific community is overwhelming in terms of the benefits learning a second language can have. Studies show that learning a second language at an early age leads to better brain development, concentration, and improved social skills.

Manx Gaelic is the Isle of Man's official national language still spoken and visible throughout the island's communities. As a modern language, Manx offers learners a chance to capitalise on the benefits of learning a second language relevant to their immediate social context.

When can children start learning Manx at school?

Primary school children can begin studying Manx in Year 4 and continue through to Year 6. Manx is also offered as an option at secondary school where pupils can choose to take both general (GCSE) and advanced (A Level) certificates.

How can I find out more about Manx language in schools?

Further information about the formal teaching of Manx in the Isle of Man can be found throughout these pages. If you have any questions at all about the services we provide please do get in touch with our team via our contact page.

Lesh yeearreeyn share,

Skimmee Ynsagh ny Gaelgey