Yn Skimmee Gaelgagh

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Resources specific to our different courses can be found across these pages.

Teisht Vunneydagh ResourcesTeisht Vunneydagh (Key Stage 2) Teisht Undinagh ResourcesTeisht Undinagh (Foundation Certificate)
Teisht Chadjin ResourcesTeisht Chadjin (GCSE) Ard Teisht ResourcesArd Teisht (A Level)

More in the section Resources:

Teisht Vunneydagh Resources

We have a collection of resources for pupils studying Manx at Key Stage 2. Click one of the links below to see more. Year 4 Resources See more Year 5 Resources See more Year 6 Resources See more

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Teisht Undinagh Resources

The Teisht Undinagh (Foundation Certificate) covers the following areas: Basic pronunciation Basic counting (1 – 100) First meetings Identifying objects Identifying the location of objects Describing people Colours Feminine nouns Likes and dislikes …

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