Manx Language Service

gobbragh son y traa ry-heet

You might find these links useful:

Culture Culture Vannin

News, events, and resources related to Manx culture.

Culture IOM Arts Council

Promoters of Manx cultural identity, including Gaelic in art.

Historical Education Manx National Heritage

Home of Manx historical collections and monuments.

Manx Language Society Yn Çheshaght Ghailckagh

The Manx Gaelic Society, dedicated to the promotion of Manx Language.

Manx Medium Education Bunscoill Ghaelgagh

Manx medium primary school.

Manx Medium Education Mooinjey Veggey

Manx medium nursery schools.

Online Learning Digital Dialects

A series of Manx vocabulary, games, and audio recordings

Online Learning Gaelg Corpus Search

A tool for searching classical Manx Gaelic texts.

Online Learning

A website dedicated to the provision of online learning resources for speakers of all levels.