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What is it?

The Ard Teisht (Advanced Certificate) is an A Level equivalent certificate that aims to equip students with a detailed and functional knowledge of Manx vocabulary and grammar though contemporary and historical literature. The course also focuses on contemporary social and political issues with a view to enhancing listening comprehension and speaking ability.

Who can take the Ard Teisht?

The course is offered to pupils in secondary school and to adult learners via University College Isle of Man.

Why take the Ard Teisht?

Participation in the course can give students of Manx formal recognition of their ability and open doors in the expanding Gaelic media sector.

Are there resources available online to help with studying the Ard Teisht?

Resources relevant to those studying for the A Level equivalent certificate are available from these pages.

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We offer a total of four broad courses in Manx, starting from Key Stage 2 through to an Advanced (A Level equivalent) Certificate. Each course has its own specification and means of assessment. Teisht Vunneydagh (Key Stage 2) Teisht Undinagh (Foundation…

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1 Introduction. 3 1.1 Aims. 4 1.2 Key features. 5 1.3 Prior attainment. 6 1.4 A. Acceptance of the ATG.6 1.4 B. Classification codes and subject combinations. 6 2 Specification at a Glance. 7 3 Subject Content. 9 AS level9 A2. 10 3.1 Unit AS 1: Speaking. 11 Assessment11 Presentation. 11 Conversatio…

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